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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving from the Heart

With the holidays fast approaching, its easy to get caught up in the bustle of activity that surrounds the season. Easier still to forget that simple acts of kindness and giving are what make the holiday so special. Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year for children. Activities, games and gifts aside, one of the most important gifts you can impart to your child is the knowledge that other people may be less fortunate than they, and they can be a part in making the world a better place.  


This is a lovely tradition not often seen in South East Asia and an excellent way to bond with your child(ren). Practice 2 or 3 Christmas carols with simple actions. Perform for family, friends, co-workers or even a stranger on the street! Discuss with your child of the different ways they can liven up the performance and make others happy. (e.g. wearing a big smile, blowing a kiss, giving a hug etc.)

Toy Give Away 

Are you dreading having to find space for the influx of toys your child will undoubtedly be receiving? Why not go through and see what can be given away? There are dozens of orphanages and NGO's in Phnom Penh that take gift bags during Christmas. Make a day of it! Prepare cookies and chocolate milk and have a race with your child to see who can fill and decorate a "give-away" box first. 

"Adopt" a Family

Pick a family or individual that is less fortunate than you. Discuss with your children on ways you can improve their living this Christmas, or simply gestures that will make them feel loved. Collect food and clothing, repair their house, take their kids for a trip to the mall for Swensons, take a family excursion to Dream World. The list goes on! Children are great at coming up with creative ideas so be sure to involve them in your brainstorming.

The Fairy Game

 This is a game that young and old alike can participate in. Its great for family bonding! Cut up your names and place them in a hat. Gather the family together and draw names from the hat. After everyone has drawn a name, explain that they are now a "Christmas Fairy" for whoever they picked. The goal of the game is to do as many secret good deeds, surprises and gifts without the person discovering who they are from. Take a name draw for every week of December to keep everyone guessing!

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