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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Peppermint Magic

Peppermint Ornaments

With an icy tingle on the tongue and a pinwheel of Santa-red and snow-white stripes, peppermints are the coolest holiday sweets -- especially when transformed into edible hanging ornaments. 
To make lay five or so peppermint candies in a circle to form a wreath; bond sides together with royal icing. Adorn front with cinnamon candies or more mints. Let dry two hours before hanging. Loop twine around ornament; knot.

Holiday Candles

Candles are a wonderful addition any home, during any season. For a unique holiday candle twist, hot glue gun peppermints to an unscented or vanilla candle. When the candle is burning, your house will smell like peppermint.


Peppermint Candy Monogram

Here's what you need~

Piece of cardboard (size depends on the size of the letter you make)

Spray paint or any other kind of paint



Directions: Freehand the letter of your choice to the piece of cardboard. Spray paint the cardboard letter lightly so the cardboard won't show through in between the candy. Next, hot glue the candy onto the cardboard letter. Add a bow to the letter and attach the letter to your frame. Silver frames are a great choice.

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