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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back to School Crafts

That first day back to school is an apprehensive time for young children, having plenty of group and class activities helps to ease some of the anxiety that children go through.

Here are some sample crafts which make wonderful activities that promote a sense of community and bonding throughout the class.

Apple Wreath

Here's what you need:

~Different colored apple cut outs
~Googly eyes 
~Leaf/stem cut outs

Let each child draw a face on their apple cut out and glue on the googly eyes. Have everyone write their name on the back and glue it on to the wire surface. Use the craft period to talk about cooperation and sharing. 

Back to School Bus

Here's what you need:

~Popsicle sticks
~Yellow bus cut outs
~Colored felt circles

Directions: Give each child their yellow bus, four popsicle sticks, and felt circles. Let each child draw faces on each of their felt circles and glue them on the popsicle sticks. Position each popsicle person in the school bus and stick two felt wheels to the bottom of the bus using the brads. Use this session to talk about emotions that each of the stick figures are portraying on their way to school.


Teacher's Apple Mosaic

Here's what you need:

~Apple cut outs
~Red, green, brown paper bits
~Worm cut outs


Give each child an apple  and worm cut out along with bits of colored paper to fill in the apple with. Once each child has assembled their apple and filled it in with bits of colored paper, have them draw a face on their worm cut out and glue it to the apple. Use this period to focus on sharing, students can even choose a classmate to give their apple to once they have completed it.  


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