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Monday, January 7, 2013

Muffin Tin Meals

Ever have trouble getting your child to eat?

Try these creative ways of serving meals to kids.

Monkey Muffin Tin

In this tin: 

~Peanut Butter Roll up 
~Broccoli "Tree"
~Orange, Apple and Fruit Leather "Monkey Face"
~"5 cheese cubes on food picks, ~Baby Carrot "Alligator Teeth"
~Banana "Monkey Food"
~Surprise: sprinkles inside little mini monkey face dressing containers. 

 Fish Themed Muffin Tin

In this tin:

~ 'fish eggs' (pomegranate)
~ goldfish crackers
~ mandarin oranges (since clownfish are orange), 
~ peanut butter & jelly'fish' sandwich 
~blue jello (from the "ocean" of course) 
~ tuna fish sandwich

Pumpkin Themed Muffin Tin

In this tin:

~baby cut carrots/ranch dressing in orange shot glass
~pumpkin spice marshmallows in paper muffin cup with pumpkin design
~jumbo pumpkin marshmallow
~applesauce with jumbo pumpkin sprinkles
~pumpkin-shaped pretzles
~peanut butter and jelly sandwich with pumpkin cut out 

 Green Themed Muffin Tin

In this tin:

~peppers with hummus
~lime jello
~sour cream and onion chips
~spinach cheese tortellini
~apple jacks
~apples and key lime yoghurt

Chick Themed Muffin Tin

In this tin:

~ramen noodle nest
~chick cheese sandwich
~ broccoli trees
~babybel ladybug
~egg flower/apple leaf
~bees and honey comb

Dinosaur Themed Muffin Tin

In this tin:

~cheese and poppy seed crackers decorated with wooden dinosaur pick
~cucumber dinosaur teeth
~cheese trees
~german sausage slices
~hardboiled egg dyed blue
~halved black grapes


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