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Monday, January 14, 2013

They Never Lose Their Charm

Try cookie cutter shapes on regular PB and J sandwiches.

Good Old Sammies

Sandwiches will forever be beloved by children all over the world. There is a kind of comfort in sinking your teeth into slices of soft bread with juicy filling spilling out. They never get old and if they do, try some of these ideas to give a regular sandwich a new look.

Tired of regular old ham sandwiches? Give it a new look with this fish theme.

Any child will love this bear themed sandwich.

This pencil themed sandwich is perfect for a 'first day of school' lunch.

Refresh a tired Sammie with this crab theme.

Take your child for a visit to Japan with these sushi inspired sandwich rolls.

Give your child a lunch adventure with this sloppy-joe race car themed sandwich.

Dress your child's sandwich up with homemade messages from mom.

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