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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fun Ideas

Easter Eggs Mix & Match Sculptures




1. Use a small kitchen knife or any thing with a sharp end. Mark the centre of the egg on both sides (either vertically or horizontally) with a pen and tap with the knife very lightly on it. Tap, tap, tap gently until the egg starts to develop a small pinhole. Tap away the sides until you have a large enough hole for the skewers. Be generous with the hole sizes so it’s easy to empty and easy for kids to put the eggs on the skewers.

2. Once you have good size holes on both sides, hold it over a bowl, stick a skewer inside and stir it to break the yolk. Move the skewer in and out repeatedly until all comes out. I was told blowing the egg works well. As soon as I blew into the hole, the raw egg white deliciously sucked back into my mouth. So don’t try this, especially with a full egg. (But you can tell someone else that it works ha ha…)* Rinse well and dry.

 3. Now, make the stands. Make small mounds with flat bottoms using craft clay and stick the skewers in the middle, standing straight up. You can also drill holes in small wooden blocks or any recycled material around the house that’s suitable.

4. Decorate your eggs in anyway you like. 

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