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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Paper Bowl Jellyfish


Paper bowl
Tissue paper or crepe paper
Poster paint or watercolor
Paint brush
White glue
Thin string
Paper clip or button
Wiggle eyes (optional)

Punch a small hole at the center of a paper bowl using a pencil.

Paint the outside of the paper bowl with poster paint or watercolor. Jellyfishes come in various colors. The most popular ones are pink, blue and purple but you can always paint your jellyfish the way you like.
You can even paint on some jellyfish spots. Allow your painted bowl to dry completely.
Cut string to a length of about 6 inches or more and insert the string through the hole on your paper bowl. 
  Tape the lower end of the string from inside your paper bowl. It would be even better if you can tie the end of the string onto a small object such as a paper clip or button. Glue the paper clip or button onto the bowl.
  Cut at least 8 tissue paper or crepe paper strips to make the jellyfish tentacles. 
Glue the end of a tissue paper strip onto the center of your paper bowl.
Continue gluing the tissue paper strips from the center of your bowl to form a radial pattern.
Once the glue has dried, unveil your jellyfish by gently turning your paper bowl upside down and holding your jellyfish by the string.

You can make your jellyfish swim in the air by moving your arms from side-to-side. 
 Oops and don't forget to draw a funny face using crayons, markers or paint. You may also glue on a pair of wiggle eyes if you like.

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