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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Film Critics For a Day

Everybody loves a good fieldtrip!

Field-Trips are incorporated into our curriculum to add context to the topics being studied in class. We host 3 field trips per school year. Our field trip partners are very accommodating in providing facilities, a fun presentation and extra treats for students to take home.

This week, our Kindergarten and Grade classes took a trip to Westtec Media, the company responsible for film production in Cinemas in Phnom Penh.

With school shirts on, comfy shoes and socks and water bottles in hand, the Little Learner’s hit the road to the tune of wheels on the bus. The trip took about15 minutes and we amused ourselves with reading different numbers on license plates. “That license plate has the number 2 so many times in a row!” Remarked N, age 5.
“Yes,” Mr. R replied, “That’s because some license plates cost more than others. When a plate has more than 3 numbers in a row, that means it’s for VIP’s. Who knows what those letters stand for?”

A range of guesses followed. 

“I think it stands for Venus Is Planet” guessed L, age 6. 

“Maybe it stand for Visal-Indrak-Panha!” exclaimed another, naming some of her classmates.

“Those are some good guesses! VIP stands for ‘Very-Important-Person’”
“Like you, Mr. R?” someone inquired. He chuckled. “Yes! Like all of YOU kids too. We’re all very important.”

Once on location, students filed out and lined up neatly in their pre-arranged groups.  The CEO came out to formally greet our “Film Critics” and invited them inside to see the production room. We saw lots of life sized movie posters and even posed next to a few cartoon characters for photos. We saw the film reel that’s used in the cinema and the big screen used to test movies.

As a grand finale we were ushered inside the private cinema for a VIP sneak-peak of an upcoming feature film cartoon. When asked if they knew what a VIP meant, everyone’s hands shot up in the air. Miniature plush red chairs lined the theater and 3D glasses made everything seem to jump off the screen! When it was time to go, the students filled out a survey card with simple YES and NO questions. This was a fun reading activity!

With full tummies and minds buzzing from all that had been seen, the students arrived safely back at school just in time for lunch.

Stay tuned for a recount of our trip to the DAIRY FARM, coming soon in March.

Until next time!

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