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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Saying 'Goodbye' at School

It is never easy for a young child to say "goodbye" to mother or father, especially to the parent who spends the most time with him or her. Children, especially those under 3 years old, don’t like to see their parents leave. It is also hard for parents to say "goodbye" to children who cry and cling to them. Here’s how you can help make the daily ‘goodbye’ routine at DK Schoolhouse easier for both YOU and your child!

Step 1. Prepare children for your departure.
Young children like to know what to expect. Talk about going to school the night before. Prepare your child for whom they will see and what they might do at school.  

Step 2. Never Sneak Away.
Children don’t yet have a concept of time. A “few minutes” can seem like hours. Always tell your child when you are leaving and when you will be back. Never sneak away. For example “After nap, mommy is coming to pick you up!” “Daddy will pick you up after you finish playing outside!”

3. Get Them Used To New People. Bring your child over to someone they know when dropping them off at school. Greet the teacher and remind your child of familiar faces at school.  

4. Bring Something Familiar To School
When children are new to school or new to class, they may feel a little lost at first. Allow them to take a favorite toy with them. It helps them feel safer in a new environment.
5. When It’s Time To Leave, Don’t Prolong It.
Often parents worry about leaving their children crying. You may be worried that your child will cry the whole time you’re gone. If the parent is unsure about leaving, the child will certainly feel unsure about being left! Prepare children ahead of time, bring them to their teacher, then tell them goodbye, and leave. Don't stretch it out or come back inside. Children may cry a few minutes, but usually, as soon as you are gone, they calm right down and enjoy the day.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our teachers are fully prepared to help your child get used to being at school. However, parents must agree to cooperate with DK Schoolhouse’s teacher’s and staff to avoid disrupting school in session. We will never force separation or interfere without parent’s full cooperation. 

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