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Monday, November 2, 2015

KINDY 1 DIARIES > Safety Focus

(KINDY 1 for students aged 4-6 years is taught by our amazing & engaging Mr. R! Scroll below for class news from K1)

Our Little Learner's We looked at a few kinds of safety that are especially relevant and important to children.
Fire safety taught us not to play with lighters and matches, and how to get out of our school as quickly and safely as possible. We practiced fire drills; even how to get out by crawling if there is a lot of smoke.
Water safety reminded us to not run when the ground is wet, and how to be safe in swimming pools.  Don’t push our friends in the pool; don’t splash people in the face, stay in the shallow end unless teacher or parents take you to the deep end.
We also learned about classroom safety; don’t run with scissors or pencils; hold sharp things pointed down, no running, and no play fighting.
Please review these safety rules at home, so that your child will more easily remember them. 

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