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Thursday, October 27, 2016


I remember Halloween as a child. It was a much anticipated holiday where one could eat limitless loads of candy and not get scolded for it. A time when moms would pull out the dusty fabric scraps and the trusty sewing machine, and get to work making some unique costume from scratch. And of course I remember the feeling of Halloween. A little spooky, cause we were out at night and going up to the neighbors houses, but it felt good. It was safe. We crafted spiders and witches on brooms, dressed up as knights, faries and wizards. We dazzled our neighbors with clever costumes. We gorged on MnM's and foil-wrapped chocolate coins.

Fast forward to present day Halloween. Half-wrapped mummies, lurching zombies, blood thirsty vampires. It's now a night where parents would not dream of letting their small children wander about. Houses and shops boast eerie green lights, recorded horror noises and enough bones to fill a graveyard. The streets, no longer safe for children, are reserved for the revelry of adults. They regal each other with a modern mix of provocative and terrifying. For small children who are just learning to distinguish reality from fiction, "Halloween" is frightening.

At DK Schoolhouse, we make it our mission to transform Halloween into something fun and not at all scary. Our annual celebration, known as Fall-O-Ween, focuses on creative and cute costumes.

We nicknamed our festivities "Fall-O-Ween", to provide a well rounded curriculum that incorporates seasonal study/celebration along with the traditional aspects of Halloween.

 All things 'scary' are banished and the school yard becomes filled with princesses, superheros, robots, teddy bears, kitties and pumpkins. We serve hot cocoa and have impromptu parades.

Home made snacks are passed around and everyone's costumes are complimented. Squeals of delight fill the air, glitter and confetti are tossed, and happy chaos ensues each time. 

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